Goldeneye 007 PC Game | Download Goldeneye 007 Full Compressed

Goldeneye 007 PC Game | Download Goldeneye 007 Full Compressed

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Goldeneye 007 Download For PC

GoldenEye 007 is a first-person shooting game that follows the movie of the same name’s basic plot and takes place in similar locations throughout the world. Each of the game’s 18 stages begins with a detailed mission briefing that includes a list of objectives that must be carried out in order to complete the stage. The amount of objectives per stage will depend on which of the three difficulty levels you choose before play (obviously, the harder the difficulty, the more objectives).

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And just like any super agent, Bond is armed to the teeth. Not only does he have the usual assortment of nifty gadgets from Q (pressing Start will pull up Bond’s wristwatch, complete with a sub screen full of interesting items that can be used on the various stages), he can collect from over 15 different weapons including Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns, Throwing Knives, Hand Grenades and more. And since the game works with the Rumble, you’ll feel every shot and explosion in the game as if you were right there in the middle of the action.

Goldeneye 007 Game Download

Graphically, Golden-Eye looks great, with the best use of textures yet on the N64, and a seemingly infinite horizon that you can look into (with hardly any fog, yawl). The music isn’t too shabby either, with various remixes of the traditional Bond theme and music taken straight from the movie. Also worth mentioning is the fantastic Four-player Mode, which came as a complete surprise-it’s one of the best Four-player Modes of not the best.

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The cool thing about Golden-Eye though, is that even if you choose an easier level and only have to do say, one or two things on a particular stage, you can still complete the other, more difficult tasks if you wish welcome feature indeed.

Goldeneye 007 System Requirements

Graphics card                                                              128 MB
Ram                                                                             1 GB
Processor                                                                     core 2 duo
Windows                                                                     7,8 and XP
Hard Disk Space                                                         1 GB

Goldeneye 007 Screenshots

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Goldeneye 007 PC Game | Download Goldeneye 007 Full Compressed