UEFA Euro 2004 | 2004 Euro Cup Free Download

UEFA Euro 2004 | 2004 Euro Cup Free Download

UEFA Euro 2004 cover

2004 Euro Championship

Gamer can play a friendly with any of the included squads, or enter the “EURO 2004” mode and try to take their teams to the top of the ladder. To earn the championship, however, even FIFA veterans may need to master this release’s new moves, such as through passes, chip shots and fake shots, bicycle kicks, and diving headers. Other modes in UEFA Euro 2004 include “Home and Away,” which supports the two-leg format; “Situation” and “Tournament,” which allow users to create custom challenges; and “Fantasy,” which lets fans draft a “dream team” from a pool of all players available in the game.

Euro 2004 Portugal

Euro 2004 does not include all teams from all countries in the game to play with, as you can imagine since it’s not FIFA, but instead focuses on the biggest league out of Europe (per my understanding) so you can select from teams like Portugal, Russia, Spain, and the Netherlands. The controls, which are changeable to your individual liking, work pretty well on the keyboard if you don’t have a gamepad to play with. Movement of the players is done through the arrow keys, and things like passes, lobs, headers, volleys, fakes, and sprinting are all done using keys that are close together and in easy reach (W,A,S,D,Q, etc). Also, holding the shoot or pass keys down will enable you to shoot or pass it harder or softer, which helped out a lot in trying to be as accurate as possible.

Euro 2004 PS2

The sound in Euro was also pretty top notch, with commentators that called the game pretty straight (none of that “5 minutes after the fact” stuff here), and the crowd will begin chants and such as the game is being played, which really added to the realism of the experience. The music consists of actual rock and techno tracks too, which was cool to listen to even if it didn’t really jump out and grab you while playing the game.

UEFA Euro 2004 System Requirements

CPU Speed: 1.3 GHz or faster (2.4 GHz for Vista)
RAM: 256 MB RAM (1 GB RAM for Vista)
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Video Card: 64 MB NVIDIA Ge-force 3 or better, ATI Rad eon 8500 or better, Intel 915 or better. (For Vista: NVIDIA Ge-force FX 5600+, ATI Rad eon 9500+)
DirectX version: 9.0c
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 3.92 GB

UEFA Euro 2004 Screenshots

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UEFA Euro 2004 | 2004 Euro Cup Free Download